Apr 13 2019

Tax Law Attorney in Los Angeles

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Tax Law Attorney in Los Angeles, NEF6.COM

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Charles M. Green, APLC

Los Angeles Tax Law Attorney

IRS and Tax Law Representation

The Law Offices of Charles M. Green offers legal representation to individuals and businesses who are involved in IRS and tax-related concerns. Our practice also assists clients in the preparation of returns with supporting schedules. These services have become more important than ever due to new procedures at the Internal Revenue Service. The IRS has increased its requests to interview taxpayers directly about filings. Charles M. Green prepares clients for these conversations, helps them understand their rights, and represents them in interviews.

Business Tax Law Representation

As a business manager, you may be responsible for recording transactions, safeguarding assets, and overseeing financial records. It is important to have proper legal and financial representation for your business; the returns that you file may be audited by tax authorities, and penalties of as much as $200,000 can be imposed on corporations for failing to disclose properly. Businesses may also face penalties when they understate their tax liability.

For your company, Los Angeles Tax Law Attorney Charles M. Green can:

  • Prepare the federal, state, and local income tax returns with supporting schedules.
  • Perform limited bookkeeping and analysis.
  • Represent you during an examination by the IRS.
  • Develop an appeal of any proposed deficiency and present it to the IRS Appeals Division.
  • The combination of legal and financial services that we offer provides you with effective and professional support for the full spectrum of accounting concerns.

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Individual Tax Law Representation

Tax Lawyer Charles M. Green assists individuals in preparing yearly state and federal income tax returns. Our guidance and resources help clients avoid penalties and provide information for accurate and complete returns.

Individual returns may be selected for audit by a tax authority such as the IRS. In the event of a tax examination, we can represent you and defend your returns. As an attorney, Mr. Green can ensure that you understand the legal process and the financial ramifications, and he can advise you in the best approach to the case.

Divorce and Tax Law Concerns

In addition to being a Tax Law Attorney in Los Angeles, Charles M. Green is also a certified specialist in family law and an expert in divorce law. He regularly deals with the financial and accounting aspects of spouses as they work through the division of assets and debts.

In certain situations, one spouse has accrued tax liabilities or made significant errors in tax filings. If two spouses are divorcing, the “innocent” spouse may seek protection from these liabilities and errors, especially if they have filed joint returns. The Law Offices of Charles M. Green counsels clients about legal provisions that can protect spouses from these issues.

Learn More about IRS and Tax Law Representation

Knowledgeable legal counsel will help you conduct your affairs more effectively and with less risk. The Law Offices of Charles M. Green are available to you for tax law representation and accounting management.

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