Apr 14 2019

SMS Messaging, Text Notification

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SMS Messaging, Text Notification, NEF6.COM

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Mass Texting + Smart Targeting + Automation

SMS text and MMS (picture messaging) are captivating, and delivered through the single device that never leaves our sides, our mobile phones.

  • Short codes enable you to send hundreds of messages per second.
  • Landline texting allows your customers to call or send an SMS text message to your existing business phone number.
  • Mobile keywords collect subscriber phone numbers easily and send responses automatically.
  • Engage your subscribers with bulk texting, two-way texting, mobile voting/survey, appointment reminders, etc.

Set your targeted campaigns on autopilot with our automated texting service!

  • Smart Targeting ensures every message is personalized and relevant to each recipient.
  • Auto Campaign delivers automated messaging based on conditions like interests and birthdays.
  • Trumpia’s automated messaging service works with multiple channels (SMS, MMS, email, social, and voice).
  • Clickthrough tracking lets you embed links into messages and keep track of who clicked it.
  • Automatically add new leads into Salesforce as they are collected by Trumpia.

Give your application the power of texting using Trumpia API (HTTP, REST and SMTP).

  • Enjoy enterprise grade reliability including 365 day live support.
  • Get a shared short code on day one, enabling mass SMS text messaging at blazing speeds.
  • Cross-channel API allows your program to send messages via SMS, MMS, and email, and post to social media.
  • No carrier surcharges for Sprint, T-Mobile, Cricket Metro PCS.

Our texting service offers unique capabilities to organize your multi-location enterprise.

  • A master account can monitor, manage and get reports for all sub-accounts such as locations, departments, or users.
  • Set access rights to features, data, contacts, and message history separately for each user, role, or sub-account.
  • Brand Trumpia’s platform under your own name and custom domain.
  • Get consulting on effective messaging, including best practices under the law.
  • Trumpia keeps your data secure and offers business continuity using redundant data centers, servers, network connectivity, and multiple paths to wireless carriers.

What’s even more effective than a mass text messaging service? Creating multiple touch points for subscribers.

  • Send powerful SMS and MMS messages via short codes or landline numbers.
  • Engage all subscribers by supplementing your communications with email and social media.
  • Coordinate all your communications from a single, easy-to-use interface.
  • Email-To-SMS feature allows you to send mobile SMS messages from within an email system by simply sending the message to any phone number using a special email address.

White Label Reseller

Rebrand and sell our complete mobile messaging and SMS marketing software.

  • Label, market, and sell your own customized sets of features.
  • Buy at low wholesale prices.
  • Set your own pricing and keep 100% of the profits.
  • 1-on-1 training and white labeled sales tools.

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