Apr 13 2019

Oxycodone Detox Morris County

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Oxycodone Detox Morris County, REMMONT.COM

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Oxycodone Addiction

Oxycodone is a prescription opiate based pain killer that is frequently prescribed for moderate to severe pain. The drug works to change the perception of pain in the brain and causes a pleasant feeling in the patient. Because of the way the medication works to relieve pain it is very common for patients to suffer from an Oxycodone addiction. The most important step to avoiding or overcoming an addiction to the medication is to know the signs of addiction.

Signs of Addiction

There are many signs of an Oxycodone addiction which can make it difficult to determine whether the patient is experiencing severe pain or is simply addicted to the medication. Signs of addiction may include feeling phantom pains when the medication is not available or constantly thinking about the drug. Patients who attempt to get multiple prescriptions for the medication may also have an addiction problem.

There are two different ways to obtain treatment for an Oxycodone addiction. The patient may choose to go into outpatient treatment or inpatient treatment. Outpatient treatment generally costs less than the inpatient facilities. Those who choose outpatient treatment are also able to continue living with their families and working every day. The risk to outpatient treatment is the patient is still surrounded by the same events and people that triggered the addiction to begin with. The other choice is to enroll in an inpatient treatment facility to overcome the addiction. In these facilities the staff will monitor the patient from the minute they check in to long after they have completed the program.

Detox and Withdrawal

Patients who become addicted to Oxycodone and attempt to get off the drug will experience many withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms include pain, anxiety, nausea and vomiting. These symptoms are most common in patients who have been taking large doses of the drug over a long period of time. While undergoing treatment the staff will be sure to monitor your health while providing medication that may help reduce the symptoms of withdrawal. Many treatment centers will use other medications as a way to remove the chemicals from the Oxycodone. This may reduce the amount of time the patient goes through the symptoms of withdrawal.

About Detox

We know that alcohol and drug abuse can lead you silently to develop a substance addiction that nobody better than us understands. There are many paths leading to the situation you are facing today.

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