May 19 2019

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Ohio becomes a state

National Signing Day 2019: Where Ohio State’s final targets could be headed

Ohio State head coach Ryan Day will try to close out the 2019 recruiting class by adding to the offensive line.

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Ohio State is looking to close out its 2019 recruiting class by adding three players to its offensive line.

The Buckeyes have just 11 scholarship players on its line, including two from its 2019 class.

There are currently only two open scholarship spots on its roster, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t still players that could possibly enter the NCAA Transfer Portal. Should others transfer, it would open up spots for both linemen and a fourth quarterback.

In a perfect world, Ohio State is able to bring in all three recruits. Missing altogether would be a major disappointment. A more reasonable scenario would be if the Buckeyes are able to land two of the three and then find a graduate transfer for its fourth quarterback.

Ohio State’s 2019 class currently features 15 players. This is the first time since 2009 that the Buckeyes have had a class with less than 20 players.

Here are the Buckeyes’ final targets and where they could end up:

Doug Nester, Spring Valley High School (WV)

Ohio State commit Doug Nester could flip to Virginia Tech on Signing Day

Nester originally committed to Ohio State in 2017 but was the only player not to sign during the early signing period. The four-star recruit is still committed to the Buckeyes, but it has been reported that he could flip to Virginia Tech. Nester took another visit to Columbus on Jan. 18, but all indications say that the Buckeyes may lose out on the offensive guard. Should that be the case he’d be the second player to sign elsewhere, joining Dawan Mathis who flipped to Georgia.

Nester holds 20 offers with Ohio State, Virginia Tech and Penn State leading the way. He’ll announce his decision at 5 p.m.

Enokk Vimahi, Kahuku High School (HI)

— Enokk “Inoke” Vimahi (@enokkvimahi) January 28, 2019

If Ohio State misses out on Nester, Vimahi becomes a top priority. To replace one four-star recruit with another would ease the blow some. But adding Vimahi would also open up a new door of recruiting for Day. For a long lime USC — who is 75 percent crystal balled to land Vimahi — has successfully mined Hawaii for talent. Alabama head coach Nick Saban changed that when he landed Tua Tagovailoa. Day could do the same if he can convince Vimahi to come across the country to play in Columbus.

Vimahi holds 27 offers with Ohio State, USC and Oklahoma leading the way. He’ll announce his decision at 12:30 p.m.

Dawand Jones, Ben Davis High School (IN)

Dawand Jones’ decision could depend on what Nester and Vimahi do on Signing Day

Fans should expect Jones to pick the Buckeyes when the three-star tackle signs at 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday. Jones — who is also a Division I basketball recruit — will be the last of OSU’s targets for the day. His timing may be happening with Vimahi and Nester in mind. His 247 Sports crystal ball has him at 90 percent Ohio State, but that could change depending on what the first two do.

Joes holds 21 offers, including Ohio State, Penn State, USC and Indiana.

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